AcTec Post - Fall 2022 Newsletter

Welcome back to the Fall 2022 semester! We hope you had a restful summer break. You will find lots of great information in this newsletter that we hope will help you prepare for the fall semester. Enjoy!

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Here are some Canvas updates and new features that have been recently released or will be coming soon.


◼ The UDOIT accessibility checker tool was removed from Canvas. Ally, the newest remediation tool, will provide information concerning accessibility issues in uploaded files as well as Canvas content. The Canvas Accessibility Checker will assist with accessibility issues found in Canvas content. Ally | Canvas Accessibility Checker


◼ New Quizzes - New Quizzes will become the default testing tool for all exams in Canvas in summer 2024. To prepare for the migration in 2023 and to become familiar with the new features, instructors can create a test in New Quizzes by selecting New Quizzes after clicking + Quiz on the Quizzes page in Canvas courses. FAQs | Comparison: New vs. Old | Migrate a Canvas Quiz to New Quizzes 


◼ Enhanced Gradebook Filters - The new gradebook filters enable instructors to filter their gradebook view. These filters can be saved and applied when needed. Enable 'Enhanced Gradebook Filters' in the course feature options if you would like to test this new functionality. Guides | Overview Video


◼Icon MakerCreate colorful icons for your Canvas content by using the Icon Maker feature in the Canvas editor toolbar. Create icons guide


Canvas updates are sent via myCETL announcements (in Canvas) throughout the semester.  Be sure to keep your Canvas notifications enabled for announcements to stay informed! Here’s how to set your notification preferences.


There are many exciting new tools that are now available for you to explore! Information and resources for these new tools are listed below. We also have training opportunities in our training calendar 👉.


◼ Harmonize - Harmonize is a new discussion tool within Canvas that elevates the online learning experience by creating an interactive space for teachers and students to connect and collaborate in new and inspiring ways.  
Guides | Webinars Harmonize Page in myCETL 


◼ Microsoft Forms - quickly create online polls to engage students in Microsoft Teams meetings. 

Polls in Teams Meetings 


◼ Ally - This tool provides guidance for the accessibility of uploaded files and images. Ally also enables instructors and students to download files and Canvas content in alternate formats (audio format, HTML, PDF, Braille etc.). Ally's institutional reporting capabilities will eliminate the required UDOIT scan/reporting each semester. 


◼ SoftChalk Cloud - SoftChalk Cloud allows instructors to create engaging interactive Web lessons as well as individual learning activities that can easily be integrated into Canvas course content. Edit lessons and learning activities online in your cloud account. 

Instructor Guide | Video Tutorials | Live Training Sessions | SoftChalk Cloud in Canvas | FAQ | SoftChalk Support


Use these helpful checklists to make sure you're ready for the new semester!
Refer to this handy Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide to get the most out of Teams both at the workplace and in the classroom. Also, be sure to check the AcTec Training Calendar for "Live Sessions in Teams" webinars offered throughout the term.
The following new turn-key master courses that are now ready for use!
  • ENC 1102 
  • POS 2041 
Visit the Master Courses List for a full list of available master courses. These master courses give all instructors access to fully aligned, universally designed, accessible, turn-key courses with the benefit of modifying elements to meet their needs.
Email to have a master course copied to your course shell.

If you are a full-time faculty member teaching (or credentialed to teach) one of the courses listed below, consider applying to develop an online master course for EFSC! Faculty chosen as Master Course Faculty Developers (MCFD) will be asked to obtain authorization from their supervisors to receive one course release as compensation for their work and will need to complete the OCDD training and Master Course Orientation. MCFDs will be paired up with an experienced Faculty Lead Developer (FLD) for support throughout the process and will also have the support of our amazing instructional designer and master course support team to produce a quality master course.


Top priority courses:

SPC 2608, AST 1002, MAC 1114, MAC 1140, MAC 1147, MAC 1233, MAC 2311, MATV 0028, MGF 1107, HUM 2211, HUM 2230, HUM 2249, CLP 1001, DEP 2004, PHI 2010, SYG 2000, HUN 1201, AST 1002, EVR 1001, GLY 1000, MET 2010, CGS 1000, CGS 2100, HSC 1531, ECP 3703, GEB 1101, GEB 3213, MAN 4301 


If you are interested in developing a master course in the spring, please fill out the EFSC Master Course Spring 2023 Development Application by November 6. We have a limited number of development slots available each major term so if your course is not selected for spring, not to worry! We will still add you to our “interested developer list” and may contact you for a future term. 



We are looking for Master Course Coordinators (MCC) for the courses listed below. Please review the MCC Guide that outlines the MCC expectations. To be an eligible MCC, you must be a full-time faculty member, currently teaching online, credentialed to teach the course, complete the OCDD training, and attend the Master Course Orientation within the first semester. If you are interested or have any questions, please email Dayla Nolis (

  • HSC 4500 (needs Level 2)
  • HUM 1020
  • HUM 2211 (needs Level 2)
  • PSY 2012
  • REL 2300

Compensation Structure:

(Descriptions of the levels can be found in the MCC Guide )

  • Level 1 revisions – 0.5 FDIP points
  • Level 2 revisions – One course release (requires administrative authorization)
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For more information and to register for the workshops below visit our Training Calendar page.
Course Design Webinars
◼ Online Course Design & Delivery -
     8/22 (full), 9/19 (full), 10/17, 11/7
Canvas Webinars
◼ Canvas Instructor Training (CIT) - Ongoing (Online)
◼ EFO Orientation - 8/12, 9/6
◼ Advanced Canvas: Inviting Home Page - 8/24, 9/27
◼ Advanced Canvas: Managing Grades - 8/30, 10/13, 11/2
◼ Advanced Canvas: Quizzes & Test Banks - 9/19, 10/5, 11/8
Accessibility Webinars
◼ Ally Overview - 9/7, 10/18, 11/15
◼ Create Accessible Content in Canvas - 9/12, 11/2
◼ Create Accessible Files in MS Word - 9/8, 11/8
◼ Create Accessible Files in MS Powerpoint - 10/24, 11/10
Learn a New Tool
◼ Harmonize - 8/17, 9/21, 10/26, 11/9
◼ MS Teams Overview - 8/30, 9/27
◼ Presenting in MS Teams - 9/14, 10/4
◼ OneNote - 9/22, 10/26
◼ HonorLock - webinar recordings in myCETL
◼ Kaltura Basics - 9/20, 10/10
◼ Kaltura Advanced - 9/29, 10/19
◼ SoftChalk Cloud Lesson Builder - 10/26, 11/22

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